Honda Motocross Xtreme Academy | Video

Motocross Racing

Here’s a video of the Honda Racing Xtreme Academy, which offers intense motocross competition at a national level, and is a great stepping stone towards the larger four-stroke machines used in the FIM World Championships of MX1 and MXW.

The Xtreme Academy focuses on racing and championships currently running within five countries: Sweden, Italy, Finland, South Africa and the UK. Many others are expected to join in 2011.

Dependent on the country, the Academy Championship series will run either as a stand-alone series or within an existing national series.

According to Honda, aside from the racing, Xtreme Academy Training Camps – which are available solely to those who race a Honda CRF150R as part of the Honda Racing Xtreme Academy – also run within each of these countries (South Africa being the only exception).

Conducted by Pro MX Trainer and former two-time World Champion, John van den Berk, the Training Camps offer far more than the average Riding School. They are designed to improve riding technique, develop physical conditioning and hone the skills needed to compete at the highest level of the sport.


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