IntaLight: For Unexpected Breakdowns

Motorcycle Safety

A perfect gift for the Motorcyclists in your life…

What is it?
The "IntaLight" is a compact emergency warning light, with high-intensity flashing LEDs.

Why do I need one?
Many breakdowns involve electrical problems, preventing lights from working. Also, many roads have little or no street lighting, making you difficult to be seen by other motorists.

The IntaLight is always ready-to-go, ensuring the peace of mind that you, or a loved one are "seen & safe".

How does it work?
It’s magnetic – sticks to the tank, with a rubber cover to prevent scratching and stop slippage.

There are 9 different flashing options, with up to 100 hours of use (that’s equivalent to 4 days of constant use) from each battery. With a battery storage life of up to 10 years, it’s always ready to go.

These handy little lights can be seen for up to ½ mile on land, or even 10 miles in the air!

What other features does it have?
There is a torch (solid light) setting that is absolutely perfect for changing a wheel, under the bonnet, or just a handy emergency torch.

A perfect present for the Motorcycle rider in your life. The IntaLight is available at a special half-price limited time introductory offer right now: