FMX: Red Bull X-Fighters London Results

FMX London

The fifth round of the 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross (FMX) event was held in London this past weekend. New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood recharged London’s iconic Battersea Power Station on Saturday as he won the electrifying motorcycling event in the British capital.

The 19-year-old kept a cool head in front of 30,000 fans packed into the former coal-fired power station as he threw down huge trick after huge mx trick with his inimitable style.

Nate Adams (USA) and Dany Torres (ESP) took the remaining spots on the podium, while Tour leader Andrè Villa had to settle for a disappointing ninth place.

With the rain teeming down in London on Saturday night, it was only a question of time before the course began to cut up, leading to slippery run-ins and increasingly soft landings.

“We couldn’t go right to the limit in the evening – it was too dangerous,” explained America’s Nate Adams, who took a strong second place.

As all riders had benefitted from the same conditions on the dry course during Qualifying in the afternoon, it was decided that the result of that session should stand as the final result.

Despite the wet conditions, Battersea Power Station was sold out right down to the very last seat for an evening of spectacular FMX action.

“The fans certainly fired up the old coal power station,” grinned third-placed Dany Torres (ESP). Crowd favourite Robbie Maddison, famous for his jump over London’s iconic Tower Bridge in 2009, could only finish in tenth place after falling hard during Qualifying.

In the overall standings Nate Adams (305 points) and Levi Sherwood (290 points) are closing in on current leader and Mexico-Champion Andrè Villa (310 points).

“It’s insane,” commented Levi “Rubber Kid” Sherwood, who now lies only 20 points behind Andrè Villa. “I’m going to give absolutely everything at the last event to try and knock Villa off top spot.”

The final round of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 will be relocated to the Stadio Flaminio, famous for having hosted the 1960 Olympic Games and home of the Italian Rugby national team.

This change grants a proper season final and a big show for the Italian fans, allowing an even bigger track and more fans to witness the final stage of the 2010 Series – but it also calls for an extra day and change of calendar.

The final stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour will be held on October 2nd in the Stadio Flaminio, Rome.

# Rider Nat Bike Mexico Egypt Russia Spain UK Italy Overall
01 Andre Villa NOR Yam YZ250 100 80 65 65 20 310
02 Nate Adams USA Yam YZ250 80 65 80 80 305
03 Levi Sherwood NZL Yam YZ250 30 45 100 45 100 290
04 Robbie Maddison AUS Yam YZ250 65 55 45 100 15 265
05 Adam Jones USA Yam YZ250 25 100 30 35 45 210
Dany Torres ESP KTM SX250 55 35 55 65 210
07 Mat Rebeaud SUI KTM SX 250 15 80 35 130
Eigo Sato JAP Yam YZ250 35 35 55 5 130
09 Jim McNeil USA Suz RM250 45 30 20 95
10 Mike Mason USA Yam YZ250 30 55 85
11 Cameron Sinclair AUS Yam YZ250 10 25 15 30 80
12 Clinton Moore AUS Yam YZ250  – 25 25
Maikel Melero ESP KTM SX250 25 25
Libor Podmol CZE Suz RM250 25 25
15 Jackson Strong AUS KTM SX250 20 20
Blake Williams AUS Hon CR250R 15 5 20
Lance Coury USA Hon CR250 20 20
Charles Pagès FRA Suz RM250 20 20
19 Daice Suzuki JAP Yam YZ250 15 15
20 Chris Birch UK KTM SX250 10 10
Remi Bizouard FRA Yam YZ250 10 10
Alex Kolesnikov RUS KTM SX250 10 10
Petr Pilat CZE KTM SX250 10 10
24 Rob Adelberg AUS Yam YZ250 5 5
Jeremy Stenberg USA Kaw KX450F 5 5
Nick de Wit RSA KTM SX250 5 5
Johan Nungaray MEX Yam YZ250 5 5


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