2011 Harley-Davidson SuperLow | Preview


SuperLow Preview

The new Harley-Davidson SuperLow model reintroduces the pure pleasure of motorcycling. Balanced and responsive handling help rider and machine glide through corners with smooth confidence. A low seat height, the broad V-Twin powerband and clean styling complete an appealing package.

The SuperLow is an open invitation for newer or less experienced motorcyclists to get out and ride.

Comfort is a key aspect of the SuperLow experience. A new solo seat with a deep, bucket shape and soft filler offers good support. The shape of the seat and its 25.5-inch height make it possible for many riders to put feet securely on the ground when the bike is at rest.

A new handlebar is shaped to provide a natural arm position. Dual coil-over rear shocks offer 2.5 inches of wheel travel for a smooth ride.

Several interdependent technical elements play a role in the particular vehicle dynamics Harley-Davidson engineers sought to achieve in the SuperLow model. Changes made to tire size and a new front fork angle give the SuperLow 5.7 inches of trail for outstanding steering feel and feedback to the rider.

Jim Hofmann (General Manager Motorcycle Production Planning) says: "In engineering the tire-and-wheel design and steering geometry for the SuperLow, the team applied lessons learned in the development of the XR1200X, which result in similarly significant gains in maneuverability."

"The SuperLow is of course a very different motorcycle from the XR1200X, with a different mission, but the theme of achieving a precise balance of steering geometry, tire profile and construction, and suspension tuning is the same and equally successful. It takes just one ride on the SuperLow to believe it."

The 18-inch-diameter front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel are fitted with Michelin Scorcher 11 radial tires. The profile, tread pattern and construction of these tires were developed specifically to enhance the handling of the SuperLow model.

The new wheel-and-tire combination significantly reduces mass and inertia front and rear, which when combined with the tire design, improves steering response, and reduces steering effort.

Its low-profile radial tires, solo seat and long fuel tank shape give the SuperLow an appealing new stance that's wide and low.

With an MSRP starting at $7,999 in Vivid Black, the SuperLow is the lowest-priced model in the 2011 Harley-Davidson line.

The SuperLow is also available in Cool Blue Pearl, as well as Merlot Sunglo/Vivid Black and Birch White/Sedona Orange two-tone paint.

Key features of the 2011 XL883L SuperLow include:

• An air-cooled Evolution® 883cc V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 55 ft. lbs. peak torque at 3500 rpm, has a broad powerband for easy get-away from a stop and smooth power out of corners.

• The 68/29 (2.34:1) final drive ratio is matched to the rear tire diameter and promotes smooth acceleration away from a stop and at low speeds.

• Equipped with Black, Split Five-Spoke with Machined Rim wheels front and rear. Rear wheel is 17 x 4.5 inches. Front wheel is 18 x 3.5 inches.

• Michelin Scorcher 11 radial tires are designed specifically for the SuperLow. Front is 120/70ZR18; rear is 150/60ZR17.

• 39mm Showa fork with 4.1 inches travel.

• Coil-over pre-load adjustable rear shocks with 2.5 inches of wheel travel.

• Seat height is 25.5 inches. Solo seat has a deep bucket shape and is easy to straddle.

• The handlebar has a wide, flat bend that places the hand grips and controls in a natural riding position for outstanding control and comfort.

• The 4.5-gallon fuel tank offers extended range and helps give the SuperLow a low-profile appearance.

• Mid-mount foot controls.


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