Iron Man 2: Motorcycle Leather Suit

Motorcycle Suit

After the an extraordinary sold-out debut of its licensed Dark Knight motorcycle suit, UD Replicas, creators of hand-crafted, high-end leather motorcycle suits that replicate the on-screen designs worn by cinematic Super Heroes, is thrilled to announce its newest creation, the "Leather-As-Metal" motorcycle suit based on Iron Man 2.

Devised from the latest advances in armor deployment technology, Tony Stark’s Mark V Armor is vastly more portable than his traditional Iron Man hardware… and now Universal Designs is bringing the Mark V to life as an officially licensed, ‘wearable’ form molded leather motorcycle suit.

Meticulously designed and handcrafted by UD Replicas, with creative guidance from Iron Man creator, Marvel Comics, the suit is meant to flawlessly replicates the visual effect of Iron Man’s armor.

The one-of-a-kind Iron Man 2 motorcycle suit encapsulates the impenetrable superhero’s toughness and elegance with the highest quality form-molded leather and accessories that Tony Stark himself would appreciate.

The overwhelming success of the Dark Knight suit must represent an emerging confluence between pop culture and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whether it’s the opening sequence of an action hero racing through the city streets of Europe on his trusty bike or the sleek and futuristic Lightcycle featured in the upcoming Tron, these two worlds are increasingly intertwined and represent a distinct aesthetic for both the action hero and the motorcycle enthusiast.

On Sale from July 1st to Sept 15th, 2010
Jacket: $498.00 USD
Pants: $352.00 USD
Boots: $189.00 USD
Gloves: $60.00 USD
Full Suit: $1,099.00 USD

Orders are currently being taken on The company has also produced a Wolverine motorcycle suit which is also available through the website.


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