Motorcycle / Helmet Recalls | June 2010

Motorcycle News

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the latest motorcycle recalls this week: BMW is recalling more than 15,000 R/K 1200 models, and MV Agusta 66 F4 models. Bell has also recalled 8,000 Mag-8 helmets.

BMW says that the following models may have potential brake-line leaks:

2007 – 2009
• R 1200 GS
• R 1200 GS Adventure
• R 1200 R
• R 1200 RT

• R 1200 ST

2007 – 2008
• K 1200 GT

BMW says that due to the current routing of the front brake lines, they may be under much strain and split, developing a leak. If this goes unnoticed, and the brake fluid reservoir runs empty, the front brakes could fail, increasing the risk of a crash.

BMW will notify owners and dealers, and install new brake lines containing a “sleeve” along a portion of the lines free of charge. This safety recall is expected to begin during July. Owners may contact BMW at 1-800-525-7417.

BMW is also recalling R 1200 GS Adventure models manufactured from Dec. 7, 2005, through Sept. 26, 2007. BMW says the fuel-tank front attachment bolts may become loose, allowing them to come in contact with the fork leg. This could limit travel, increasing the risk of a crash.

BMW has not yet provided the NHTSA with a remedy plan or notification schedule. Owners may contact BMW at 1-800-525-7417.

The Italian manufacturer MV Agusta is recalling F4 models manufactured from Feb. 10 through April 19 equipped with an air-filter frame, p/n 8000B4061. MV Agusta says the air filter may lift out of position, allowing debris into the throttle body. This interference with throttle operation may result in a crash.

MV Agusta will notify owners and dealers, repairing the motorcycles free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on June 28, 2010. Owners may contact MV Agusta at 1-414-342-4680.

In the latest helmet recalls, the NHTSA says Bell Helmets is recalling 8,000 Mag-8 motorcycle helmets made between September 2006 and March 2010. These helmets fail to conform to impact protection standards. Bell will provide owners with a free replacement helmet. Owners may contact Bell at 1-866-892-6059.