Pikes Peak: Ducati Spider Grips Video

Pikes Peak Testing

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Spider Grips team loaded up the gear and headed up the mountain at 4AM on day one of two days of testing at Pikes Peak.

The winds were extremely gusty on the top half of the mountain and the photos of the snow tell the story of what the temperatures were like.

After an unsettling first run and a conversation with his team, Smith switched to the same rain tires that fellow teammate Greg Tracy was running. He quickly picked up speed and with the speed came confidence going into day two.

As day two began, officials informed the team that Greg Tracy achieved top times of all motorcyclists on day one.

Another great day of testing followed with Tracy finishing the day very optimistic about the upcoming race… stay tuned.

Take a look at this video from Tracy’s helmet cam…