Hot Leathers to Smoke Out East

Biker Rally

Hot Leathers is packed up and heading down the coast to the 11th Annual Smoke Out East Rally in Rockingham, NC.

The Smoke Out XI’s eastern counterpart is guaranteed to be two crazy days of rowdy motorcycle fun. The industry leader in motorcycle apparel, synonymous for offering the best selection of motorcycle merchandise in stores, online and on the road is looking forward to a large presence at this year’s legendary Smoke Out taking place June 25 and 26 at the Rockingham Drag strip.

This year’s rally will feature live bands, a chop off, XS Speed’s mini-bike races, roller derby, vendors, drag racing and more choppers than you have ever laid eyes on.

The Smoke Out East is also the conclusion of a 2,000 mile ride called The Long Road. Starting in Santa Rosa, NM and ending in Rockingham, NC, The Long Road is boasted as the greatest owner-garage-built-ride-in-bike-show in the world and covers a large and beautiful section of our nation’s heartland.

In addition to the motorcycle mayhem, Hot Leathers will be in Rockingham to showcase a number of their superior products. Rally-goers will have the chance to browse amongst a significant selection of Hot Leather’s premier merchandise including t-shirts, hats and other products for men, women and children.

Notorious for packing up their merchandise and visiting a number of rallies and festivals throughout the nation, Hot Leathers goes to great lengths to ensure that motorcycle enthusiasts from coast to coast have the opportunity to peruse and purchase the ultimate in riding gear at Hot Leathers’ simple one-stop-rally-shop.

Hot Leathers has been serving the motorcycle community for over 25 years. As a result, the company’s growing wholesale and printing facilities have earned it a place as one of America’s top 50 volume screen printers. Keep an eye out this summer for the Hot Leathers logo. It’s a brand you can trust with prices you can easilyafford.

Follow Hot Leathers as they comb the nation, outfitting motorcycle enthusiasts with the quality merchandise that they desire and deserve. Check out to see their full 2010 rally schedule and to peruse their diverse and original merchandise.


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