News Kawasaki ZX-6R or ZX-10R: Exhaust Systems

Kawasaki ZX-6R or ZX-10R: Exhaust Systems

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Yoshimura R&D of America has been making performance motorcycle exhaust systems since the company was founded in 1971.

Recently they have released new systems that will fit your Kawasaki ZX-6R or ZX-10R. If history rings true, these parts will benefit from the years of experience across the full line-up of exhaust systems developed by Yoshimura.

The Kawi 600 and liter superbike both already make great power, but if you really want to take it to the track, then a Yoshimura system will help boost your performance to a new level.

Yoshimura makes a system to match many levels of performance, from slip-on mufflers for the street-riding enthusiast, to full-systems made from titanium and carbon-fiber for professional racers.

You can go to and check out the full lineup of Yoshimura exhausts and other performance parts available for your Kawasaki.

Applications Available: 2009 – 2010 ZX-6R and 2008 – 2010 ZX-10R


TRS Stainless/Stainless Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464265
MSRP $379.00

RS-4 Stainless/Titanium Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464247
MSRP $434.95

RS-4 Stainless/Stainless Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464245
MSRP $374.95

RS-4 Stainless/Carbon Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464242
MSRP $524.95

TRC Stainless/Titanium Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464277
ZX-10R P/N:1417277
MSRP $499.00

TRC Stainless/Stainless Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464275
ZX-10R P/N:1417275
MSRP $399.00

TRC Stainless/Carbon Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464272
ZX-10R P/N:1417272
MSRP $549.00

TRS Stainless/Stainless Slip-On
ZX-10R P/N:1417265
MSRP $379.00

R-55 Stainless/Stainless Slip-On – Stainless End-cap
ZX-10R P/N:1417286
MSRP $529.00

R-55 Stainless/Stainless Slip-On – Carbon End-cap
ZX-10R P/N:1417288
MSRP $579.00

R-77 Stainless/Carbon Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464202
ZX-10R P/N:1417202
MSRP $599.00

R-77 Stainless/Stainless Slip-On – Stainless End-cap
ZX-6R P/N:1464206
ZX-10R P/N:1417206
MSRP $429.00

R-77 Stainless/Titanium Slip-On
ZX-6R P/N:1464207
ZX-10R P/N:1417207
MSRP $549.00

R-77 Stainless/Stainless Slip-On – Carbon End-cap
ZX-6R P/N:1464205
ZX-10R P/N:1417205
MSRP $479.00

Full Systems

TRC Stainless/Titanium Full System
ZX-6R P/N:1464077
ZX-10R P/N:1417077
MSRP $1,049.00

TRC Stainless/Stainless Full System
ZX-6R P/N:1464075
ZX-10R P/N:1417075
MSRP $979.00

TRC Stainless/Carbon Full System
ZX-6R P/N:1464072
ZX-10R P/N:1417072
MSRP $1,099.00

R-77 Stainless/Carbon Full System
ZX-6R P/N:1464002
ZX-10R P/N:1417002
MSRP $1,149.00

R-77 Stainless/Stainless Full System – Stainless End-cap
ZX-6R P/N:1464006
ZX-10R P/N:1417006
MSRP $979.00

R-77 Stainless/Stainless Full System – Carbon End-cap
ZX-6R P/N:1464005
ZX-10R P/N:1417005
MSRP $1,029.00

R-77 Stainless/Titanium Full System
ZX-6R P/N:1464007
ZX-10R P/N:1417007
MSRP $1,099.00

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