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Young Zach Osborne won the inaugural Marty Moates Cup awarded to the top finishing American racer at the US Grand Prix held at Glen Helen Raceway Memorial Day weekend.

The return of the USGP concept of pitting America's best against the crowned heads of Europe happened to fall on the 30th anniversary of Marty Moates becoming the first American to win the 1980 USGP at Carlsbad.

"I am overjoyed to present the Moates Cup to Zach... he is a talented kid and a deserving winner," says Cup co-founder Scott Cox. "What started as a little tribute to Marty became a happening unto itself! Everyone has been on board with remembering Marty's legacy."

Osborne is currently contesting the MX2 class in the international motocross GP series, and was equally happy to win the award at his "home" race. "I'm still kind of in shock, but to be on the podium here is such a good feeling," adds an elated kid from Abingdon, Virginia. "And to win the Moates Cup is an even better feeling!"

The Moates Cup could be won by either an MX1 or MX2 rider. In the final analysis, Zach's 4-2 score in MX2 beat Team Redbull KTM's MX1 rider Mike Alessi's 2-4 score by virtue of the second moto tie-breaker used in international motocross scoring.

In addition to the Moates Cup, donated by Ricky Johnson, the last American to win the USGP at Carlsbad in 1986, Osborne also collected an oversized check worth $5,000. "I'm going to put it into my savings account," said the down to earth Bike-It Cosworth Yamaha team rider when asked about the big USGP pay-off.

Speaking of Yamaha, Doug Dubach interrupted his 1-1 triumph of the Veterans Cup race held in conjunction with the USGP to take a lap of honor on Marty Moates' #23 LOP Yamaha prepared by Rick Doughty and Vintage Iron.

"Giving race fans a chance to see Marty's bike and pay tribute to the man who changed the face of motocross in the U.S. is one of my greatest memories from Glen Helen," said Dubach.

Quite a statement considering the fact that Dubach has won 17 World Vet championships (and now the FIM Vet Cup) on this track. "I will always remember Marty's smile that day... and I was pretty sure I was smiling the whole way around the track," said Dr. D, who did the deed in Marty's gear, complete with Seer goggles and a Jofa mouthguard (unbuttoned, of course).

"What better testament to Marty's win 30 years ago than presenting the Moates Cup to Zach?" adds Cup co-founder Todd Huffman. Look for Huffman's film documentary The Carlsbad USGP:1980 which chronicles that magical day for Moates at the USGP to premiere at the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego on June 22.

"I think the Moates Cup is a fitting tribute to Marty as America's first Carlsbad 500cc USGP hero and I'm hoping that the award and the movie help to rekindle that same type of magic."

"This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who didn't get to see these epic battles and the amazing coverage ABC shot," adds Gavin Trippe, who promoted the USGP at Carlsbad for a decade.

"This film is a historic moment frozen in time, even for myself. Marty's spectacular win sent the fans crazy that day!"

Tickets for the Carlsbad USGP:1980: The Movie premier are $20 each or $30 per pair. A commemorative 1980 USGP program is even included with the ticket price.

For up to the minute information and the movie trailer:


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