Ducati Monster 1100 Titanium by Motocorse

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Motocorse, a company specializing in the production of special motorcycle parts for sportbikes presents its latest creation, the Ducati Monster 1100 Titanium.

The improvements are technical and stylistic with the specific goal of achieving a unique motorbike, optimize performances and reduce total weight. The aggressive shiny black livery with red stripes, the ergal and titanium elements and carbon fiber parts make this Ducati motorcycle unique.

Over 60 standard Ducati components have been replaced. The exhaust system is the model Motocorse Evolution ø54mm-titanium, running by a dedicated ECU map. Thanks to this power and torque of the engine increased from 95cv/103Nm to 102.6 hp / 113Nm.

The braking system is composed of carbon-ceramic Sicom 320x6mm discs with titanium pistons 108mm wheelbase P4 32/36 Brembo Racing calipers fitted on Motocorse ø43mm CNC billet radial mounts.

The Marchesini forged aluminum wheels, the slipper clutch, the titanium screws and Motocorse billet adjustable foot rests have contributed to a reduction in weight of 12Kg as well.

Motocorse offers two levels of customization: a kit called "One Full Upgrade Kit" that includes all components of more than 80 parts, or a version called "Two Standard Upgrade Kit", that consists of 7 special parts.

In both full kit is planned to paint the bike and the assembly by skilled Motocorse technicians.

For more information please consult the website www.motocorse.net


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