Cleveland’s Harley… Ladies Only Party

Motorcycling Event

Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson Sales Company, the region’s leading seller of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, announced their Ladies Only Garage Party will be held this Thursday, May 13 from 6-9pm Eastern at their dealership on 14550 Lorain Avenue in Cleveland’s local Westpark neighborhood.

This complimentary, hands-on social event connects women to their interest and love of motorcycling. The date of the Garage Party is matched with Women Riders Month in May.

Ladies Garage Party is an enthusiastic session offering invaluable advice and insight to women in a fun and casual environment. Cleveland’s foremost experts will provide Northeast Ohio’s women with multiple demonstrations on motorcycling, safety, products/accessories and terminology. There will also be a focus on gear and apparel to customize each person’s unique Harley-Davidson(R) style.

This event is designed to put women in a comfortable learning environment. Sessions are led by women who provide one-on-one tips and understand women’s specific riding needs and questions, whether or not they own or have experience with a motorcycle.

"Women of all ages and interest levels are sometimes intimidated to even come into the store for fear of not having enough product knowledge or being overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise to make a good business decision," explains Stephanie Schmidt, Marketing Manager for Cleveland’s Harley-Davidson Sales Company. Their interest in riding and desire to learn needs to be met in a fun, informative way with like-minded women more apt to have the same questions."

To register for Cleveland’s Ladies Only Garage Party, call 216-252-3111 for an energetic and educational opportunity that will give you the tools to enjoy being part of the Harley-Davidson family.


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