Motorcycle… Wheel Jockey

Wheel Jockey

With the scarcity of centerstands on modern motorcycles, the ability to spin a wheel into place had become enormously complicated. You can buy a huge bike stand to do this, but now there is another choice- get the compact and effective Wheel Jockey.

Simplicity is a virtue here, as the Wheel Jockey is nothing more than a steel frame (with high-grip backing) holding two heavy-duty aluminum cylinders rolling on ball bearings, plus a fixed cylinder to help get the wheel in place.

To cut to the chase, this little gem works. It’s a one-man job to get the wheel on the Wheel Jockey, though it takes a bit of practice. Once up, the Wheel Jockey is ideal for inspecting tires, adjusting air pressure, cleaning wheels, and lubing chains. Perfect.

• Price: $54.00
• Sealed ball bearing movement
• Lifts wheel less than 1.5" off the ground
• Small, portable size: 4" x 4.5"
• Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
• Non-skid backing
• Accommodates motorcycles up to 750 lbs
• For use on road motorcycles only; not for off-road tires
• Patent Pending
• Model 0055 

Wheel Jockey Website


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