Ace Cafe Kicks-off Epic Motorcycle Ride

Adventure Ride

GlobeBusters Silk Road London to Beijing Expedition sets a new high in motorcycle adventure travel. This ground breaking 12,000 mile motorcycle journey includes riding the Afghan border in Tajikistan on one of the world’s highest altitude roads and reaching Mount Everest Base Camp at over 5,300 meters, before entering the mysterious city of Lhasa and then heading east to Beijing.

GlobeBusters are inviting motorcyclists to join the start of this extreme motorcycle journey on Saturday April 17th from 7.30 am at the Ace Café in North London and experience the buzz of excitement at the start of such an extreme undertaking. The GlobeBusters group will depart at 9am.

Kevin Sanders, Co-Founder of GlobeBusters and Expedition Leader, researched the whole route back in 2009 and knows only too well the difficulty of challenges that lay ahead for the riders. "I’ve got two Guinness World Records for global riding, but the London to Beijing route ranks as the most extreme ride that I have ever done."

There’s a reason why no other company in the world has attempted this ride. It’s tough, it’s unpredictable, it’s way off the beaten track and that makes it high risk. But as with all GlobeBusters expeditions, the pre-trip preparation is done in absolute detail.

"I’ve briefed the riders personally about what kit they need, what modifications to do to their bikes, what they must have with them to give them the very best chance of successfully getting to Beijing. They know exactly what they will face – riding at over 5,000 meters altitude, freezing temperatures, narrow dirt roads traversing some of the highest peaks in the world, and for part of the ride, not even the basics exist. No hot water, no familiar food, sometimes no shelter."

For all that, there are highlights on this trip that make it truly unique. "Other than the GlobeBusters team, I don’t know anyone else who has ridden their own bike across the Tibetan Plateau to Everest Base Camp or Lhasa. GlobeBusters is about to change that!" says Kevin.

If you can’t make the Ace Café, then you can follow London to Beijing live, with online podcasts, pictures and gossip on, starting from April 17th 2010.