Triumph ParkinGO Race Results | Valencia

Race Report

The Triumph ParkinGO European Series kicked-off with the first race of the season, which happens to be the first race for the new motorcycle racing series ever. Riders taking part at the challenge faced one another on the Street Triple 675 R for at the Ricardo Tormo track in Valencia.

Favorite Fabrizio Perotti set the fastest qualifying time, followed by Toni Salom (former CEV SS), Alessandro Torcolacci (winner of the 2008 Premier Cup) and Giuliano Rovelli. Behind them was the winner of the TT and Northwest 200, Michael Dunlop, who made his debut both on the bike and at the track.

Below are the race results of the "arrive and ride" Triumph Street Triple 675 R class.

2010 Race Results Valencia Spain

1 43 Perotti F. (ITA) Street Triple R 17’36.647 (136,451 kph)
2 23 Rovelli G. (ITA) Street Triple R 8.690
3 77 Torcolacci A. (ITA) Street Triple R 12.902
4 33 Marzotto M. (ITA) Street Triple R 22.378
5 4 Dunlop M. (IRL) Street Triple R 22.594
6 84 De Nardi S. (ITA) Street Triple R 31.575
7 25 Salom T. (ESP) Street Triple R 42.357
8 7 Blumetti P. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’13.816
9 19 Nicastro C. (ITA) Street Triple R 1’14.828
10 73 Rovelli P. (ITA) Street Triple R
11 93 Mariage F. (FRA) Street Triple R
12 1 Anaclerio R. (ITA) Street Triple R


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