FB Corse… McCoy Slides Again

McCoy Test

After a full day testing at the Valencia racetrack, Franco Uncini and Oscar Gallardo from Dorna confirmed the FB Corse entry in the 2010 MotoGP World Championship.

After being confirmed as the new entry, FB Corse and Garry McCoy decided to continue developing the FB01 and start their contention of the MotoGP motorcycle racing championship at Round 3 in Jerez.

Garry McCoy Quote

"What we achieved today for me was remarkable because from where we started from the first day to achieve so many laps today, I really did not expect that at all."

"I was really wanting to go to Qatar and Japan but I think that our decision is very wise as we have to concentrate on the development of the bike in order to improve and be competitive from the first race."

Sergio Bertocchi Quote

"I am really happy about all the compliments we have received from Dorna and Franco Uncini. I was not really expecting to be at that level. I am very satisfied that they allow us to enter the championship when we want and we will do the necessary development in order to enter with the best conditions."

Later, McCoy and FB Corse team completed an additional three days of testing with a very positive result, although no official lap times were revealed. The FB01 was running with no electronics so the wild Australian could feel the bike.

McCoy, with his sliding style, did not want any electronic aid so could better understand the mechanical characteristics of the engine and the chassis. Or maybe he just wanted to see how far he could hang his slides out once again?

In total they completed four days of MotoGP testing last week on the Spanish racing circuit Ricardo Tormo of Valencia. The technicians of FB Corse and ORAL have gone back to Italy with critical data from the extensive motorcycle test.

Finishing this first test is an important phase of the development of the FB01 motorcycle. The FB Corse Team along with the technicians from Oral Engineering are now working to analyze the data acquired in order to further prepare for MotoGP Jerez.

Despite being the first contact with the racing surface, the behavior of the FB Corse FB01 has satisfied both Garry McCoy and the technicians, showing a good mechanical reliability.

Franco Antoniazzi Quote (Oral Engineering)

"We have done an extraordinary job today. There is an absolute symbiosis between Garry, the team and the bike that allow us to work in the best conditions. Garry has everything needed to go further with this project."

The FB Corse Team will continue to test during these next weeks on the Misano circuit, to work on the development and set-up of the race-bike.

McCoy and the team also wanted to thank their partners and collaborators that have supported them for this first appearance, and the already big number of fans that, from everywhere, show their interest in the hope to be MotoGP team’s forward progress.


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