Ricky Carmichael rides Atlanta Supercross track

Carmichael SX Report

The fans at the Atlanta Supercross were excited to see some great racing on Saturday night. But, they got more than they bargained for when a living Suzuki legend took to the track for one of the most exciting parade laps the series has ever seen.

Ricky Carmichael’s iconic #4 Suzuki sat in the pits on Saturday, right next to series points leader Ryan Dungey’s. A constant crowd was around the pits, asking questions about what RC had planned for the night. While speculation and rumors of a one-race comeback ran rampant, Ricky had a little surprise planned for the crowd.

As opening ceremonies started, the crowd erupted. As the parade lap was about to begin with the three top racers in the series, including Dungey on his RM-Z450, another rider was added to the roster. Ricky Carmichael led the three points leaders around the track for a fast-paced, high-flying, tail-whipping parade lap.

Carmichael is one of the greatest racers ever to take to the dirt, and his popularity is as strong as ever. The fans were treated to great racing throughout the 450 and 250 main events, and the glimpse of the legendary riding style of Ricky Carmichael was icing on the cake. Suzuki is proud to have such a longstanding relationship with Ricky.

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Action Photos by Frank Hoppen