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Alpinestars Tech 10 Review

After a good badgering by the salesman, I walked out of the dealership with a new pair of the-more-than-I-wanted-pay Alpinestars Tech 8 motocross boots. He convinced me that these were the best moto boots on the market, and that if I cared at all about my feet, these are the boots I needed.

Four weeks later, a far too aggressive Glen Helen rider slammed me and I found my foot stuck in his bike's rear spokes. As we stood locked-up in the corner, he gassed it hard without realizing that my foot was jammed in his rear wheel. All I could think was, "This is going to hurt"!

Ten years ago, I was able to pull my foot out of the wheel of that stump-pulling four-stroke and walk away in the solace of having spent more money on my boots. The Tech 8 boots had done their job. They also performed well as I had went-on to race in the diverse conditions of AMA District 37's off-road racing series.

Today, I had the chance to try the Tech 8's successor--the Alpinestars Tech 10. Unpacking the Tech 10 from the wrapper reveals an improved design. The Tech 10 is visibly more streamlined, and it feels lighter. As I squeezed the boot and inner bootie over my sheer knee-high socks, I thought, "These are tight. Maybe I should have broken them in before the track day."

Busy readying the Honda CRF450R and CRF250R for the day's comparisons, I failed to notice that the Tech 10s were already feeling quite comfy, stable, and lightweight. The Inner Ankle Brace System bootie, which at first was riding on my ankles, was now securely formed. The design objective was to bring the protection closer to the body and make the patented double-hinged torsion bar ankle support part of the booties. Based on Alpinestars' road racing technology, it is uniquely developed to provide adequate MX ankle support without putting excessive stress on the knee.

On the bike, the Tech 10 is void of the metal toe and heel guards to scratch the precious motocrossers. The dual compound sole is almost seamlessly formed and integrated with the boot. The sole provides excellent grip and a good feel with a right amount of foot bed rigidity. My favorite aspect is that the streamlined boot never gets caught or snagged on the bike while shifting and rear braking.

The inner double hinge joint allowed for some freedom, flexibility and feel to my natural foot and ankle riding movements. Over-extension is controlled by the Tech 10's hinge, as well as by the spine that protects the heel and hyperextension. Alpinestars also includes a replaceable softer-material inner bar for riders concerned about their knees.
Removing the Tech 10 demands that you let loose all three of the quick release locking buckles. I adjusted the self-aligning buckles once before my first ride and once after, but have since not had to touch the easy-to-use, precise closures. The Tech 10 is as easy as 1-2-3.

The full-grain leather upper with impact resistant shell protects toes, foot, heel, ankle, calf, and shin with a notably harder compound on the toe-box, heel, and Achilles tendon area. The inner side of the boot also has grip pads that help me clamp hold the motorcycle more effectively. A form fitting gasket that seals water from entering the top of the Tech 10, making it a natural for both motocross and enduro racing.

The Alpinestars Tech 10 is the top-of-the-line in a legendary series of boots. It's an advanced boot that needs little set-up and break-in and once you've done your homework, your feet are handsomely rewarded.


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