Eslick to defend Daytona Sportbike Championship

AMA Champion

Danny Eslick, the inaugural and defending AMA Daytona Sportbike Championship, enters the 2010 season with the same team but with a much different motorcycle. Eslick has jumped from the going-extinct V-twin Buell 1125R to the inline-four Suzuki GSX-R600. Familiar with the Suzuki from past stints on the GSX-R, Eslick plans to defend his ’09 title on a number of fronts.

Controversy over AMA Daytona Sporbike rules that allowed the much larger displacement Buell to run against 600s, concerned competitors and enthusiast alike. V-twins have traditionally been allowed 15-20% additional displacement to compete fairly with the additional cylinders of the inline-fours. Last year the liquid-cooled Buell 1125R was allowed a displacement that was approximately 87% larger than the 600cc motorcycles. This year Eslick will be running the smaller displacement 600.

Richie Morris Speaks… Team Owner

"It was a bit frustrating last season with a select few saying our success was due to the make and model of our motorcycle. Success at this level starts with a major sponsor (GEICO Powersports)…that… allows you a great crew chief and team. Then the rest is up to the rider…. we have a great one!"

No doubt that Eslick rode the wheels off the Buell 1125R to win the championship while his teammate Michael Barnes struggled back in the pack, on the same bike, running out of the same paddock. No doubt that Eslick is a talented guy. No doubt that Eslick is a very likable and charismatic guy who is great ambassador for the sport. No doubt Eslick will come into the 2010 race season ready to defend not only his title but also to prove the naysayers wrong.


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