‘Riding Asia – London to Beijing’ DVD released

How would you like to spend a few days riding your motorcycle along the Afghan border? Will the Chinese let a foreign registered bike into Tibet? Can you really ride a bike all the way to Everest Base Camp? Will your bike run if it’s at almost 18,000 feet altitude?

If it sounds like all the ingredients of an extreme motorcycle adventure, then that’s because it is and it’s all played out in the new DVD just released by global motorcycle adventure specialists, GlobeBusters.

"Riding Asia – London to Beijing" chronicles the three month journey by the GlobeBusters co-founders, Guinness World Record Holders, Kevin and Julia Sanders, who set out from the UK, riding across Europe, Turkey and into Central Asia, before traversing the whole of China from West to East. Somehow the pair even got permission from the Chinese to ride their personal bikes across Tibet, including Everest Base Camp.

Motorcyclist or not, anyone with a penchant for travel and a spirit of adventure will find this DVD a compelling piece of film. With a "warts and all" coverage of life on the road, the GlobeBusters duo head into the unknown following a remote overland route that only a handful may have ever achieved using their own vehicle, if any at all.

"Riding Asia – London to Beijing" can be purchased for £19.99 (plus P&P) from GlobeBusters at 08452 3040145. And if you are up for the challenge of the journey, you can even book a place to ride on the GlobeBusters London to Beijing 2011 Expedition.