Dainese reveals 2010 motorcycle apparel

Dainese revealed its 2010 motorcycle apparel designs, including the AGV helmet collection, at an exclusive showing at the D-Store in Costa Mesa, California. Dainese technical apparel show included new one-piece leather suits, as well as boots, adventure wear, and the results of the D-Air R&D initiative, which has been used to protect MotoGP riders such as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

Here is the Dainese "Mood 10M" statement...

Fashion and consumer goods now stand at the crossroads of the different worlds of design, technology and aesthetics that come together and exchange roles in order to achieve new results through objects that owe their value to original characteristics. The article's beauty comes from its working, its constructive details, and the craftsmanship/technology with which it was created.

In this context, Dainese places the accent on its own legacy of technological innovation, transforming and applying it as an element of style by developing what is known as the aesthetics of technology."

The 2010 Motorbike Collection takes form after an exhaustive study of these new trends in styling and design not only as they are expressed only in the realm of fashion, but also as they are developed in the world of speed, automobiles, and two-wheeled vehicles and provide inspiration for aesthetics, new constructive solutions, and innovative materials.

The result is the definition of the key concepts expressed in the new collection's creations.

Dainese D-TEC: The Rider-Machine Concept

Motorcycle riders are conceived as machines themselves, and the clothing they wear is the body.
Rider and vehicle are considered as a continuous undivided whole in which the stylistic details of the apparel reflect the mechanical parts of the motorcycle in their colors and materials.

Careful attention is given to the combination of contrasting materials in matching colors that reveal texture. The roughness (or smoothness) of the surfaces transforms into graphics as the material itself becomes graphic (fiber glass and carbon fiber).

The colors used for the accessories and finishes have metallic shading and anodizing, including the buttons and zippers, and the plates and pads that protect the shoulders and elbows. Metal reflections permit variations in the range of colors: titanium replaces black and comes in the different shades created by the play of light.

The Rider-Machine theme is best expressed in the "Fluid" line. "Fluid" line articles are inspired by the concepts of dynamics and air, vaunt embellishment and decoration that evoke motion, and split leather inserts that represent fluidity and flow.

Dainese: Heritage

This line of vintage jackets is where Dainese motorcycle culture and tradition is most fully expressed in all its richness. Heritage is a tribute to the legendary apparel worn by the motorcycle titans of the past who rode with Dainese and celebrate the biker's cult with the greatest authenticity and sincerity.

Dainese: Art Of Motorcycle

Lines and themes become more suited to city use and incorporate higher fashion content; the term Art of Motorcycle is used. The working of the different types of leather and their matching with different fabrics receive enormous attention; details are precious in both material and color, resembling jewels that give the garments greater value: gold, Kevlar, titanium, magnesium, Ergal, and aluminum in translucent whites and blacks.

Extra attention has been given to the function that different materials must serve: technological research indicates how to compose and construct the articles for optimized comfort and ergonomics. Elasticated materials guarantee excellent insulation, the choice of innovative fabrics like anti-bacterial silver ion material that provides the perfect solution for the creation of liners.


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