Motorcycling New Year’s Resolution

Motorcycle Resolution

You meet the nicest people on a motorcycle. Yes, I know this sounds familiar as I am playing off the words of the early 1960’s Honda ad campaign that caused an absolute sensation. And by 1964 the Honda 50 had truly succeeded in its appeal to the American public. The Honda 50 and the ‘You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda’ campaign proved not only sales worthy but also greatly erased motorcycling’s deeply rooted image of malevolence and wickedness.

Inadvertently enough, over the year’s I have met the nicest people on a motorcycle (including my wife). The kind of people that are there in the good times and that are there in the bad times. The kind of people that have something deeply genuine rooted into their core. Maybe it is the sense of freedom motorcycling provides or it is the utilitarian disposition that is at the essence of the sport. Or maybe it is just the friendly wave that motorcyclist give so freely to passing riders.

Anyway, my resolution for this New Year is simply to do more motorcycling, meet more motorcyclists and spend more time with people who ride motorcycles. I hope to see you out on the road, in the dirt or on the racetrack in 2010. Enjoy the ride and best wishes for a Happy New Year from