James Stewart on MTV Cribs

SX Retreat

Supercross World Champion and fan favorite, James "Bubba" Stewart, has shared his home with his fans. MTV Cribs traveled to Haines, Florida and the footage was aired this last weekend. In case you missed it, here’s a quick run down.

Sitting on 100 acres, Stewart has some seriously palatial digs. The segment tour kicks off in his dark, monochromatic master bedroom. Always one with a sense of humor, he mentions to the camera that the magic doesn’t just happen there, it happens "wherever." Moving on through the rest of the house filled with walls of bright yellow and umber, he highlights his own personal waterfall/drinking fountain, a 5 gallon fish tank from Walmart, and a glass encapsulated swimming pool. While Stewart’s abode is grand, his numerous garages (accessed by a Segway) are any motor head’s dream.

Moving through no less than 3 garages, Stewart has amassed an array of vehicles. It’s no surprise that one of the fastest riders on two wheels would own some of the fastest. The real beauty is a Ferrari 430 with custom wheels he designed himself. From his canary yellow Lamborghini so affectionately named "Sunflower Seed," to his space filled with classic muscle cars, the real treat is an entire garage filled with dirt bikes.

However, the dirt bikes aren’t just any. Every bike he has ever owned is in there including his very first. While Stewart has proven his ability to be one of the best racers on the planet, competition is always fierce. Like any dedicated athlete, he also maintains his own track for training.

For all of you die-hard fans, who can’t seem to get enough of James "Bubba" Stewart, make sure to catch him on the CBS Sports’ Monster Energy AMA Supercross series preview on December 26th at 2:30 pm EST.