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Cold Weather Motorcycling

Santa Claus is very busy now: To spare his reindeers and to get to all the kids around the globe in time he has picked up a new extremely fast official vehicle at Warm Up in Aalen, Germany. Father Christmas is now riding the up to 280 hp / 206 kW powerful and 320 km/h fast Asphaltfighters Stormbringer (The world’s fastest street legal motorcycle?).

Of course the German custom bike builders and their technology partners adapted the high performance motorcycle to the demands of the man with the long white beard and the red coat.

Bikerbox engine guru Sepp Buchner specially adjusted the traction control for the slippery roads, Bel-Ray supplied the high performance engine oil for the cold temperatures and the Akrapovic sports exhaust has got a db-killer to make sure that the children don’t get stopped from sleeping at night.

To bring the enormous power of the two-wheel rocket safely on the road Bridgestone mounted their Battlax BT-016 Radial high performance tires on the ultra-light OZ Piega forged wheels. With its up to three different rubber compounds it provides grip even on cold roads. Emil Schwarz took care of an exact handling with his precision bearings. Melvin steelflex brake linings provide the RIWI by Spiegler segment rotor brakes with perfectly measured out brake pressure.

Improved active safety is also provided by the Xenon headlamp, the LED daytime running lights and especially by the Kellermann LED micro turn signals, which don’t only show when Santa Claus wants to turn off or overtake. The front elements also feature an integrated LED position light while the rear units also house a red Kellermann High-Power LED that serves as brake light and taillight.

The orange-colored PUIG windscreen doesn’t only perfectly match the color combination of the Asphaltfighters Stormbringer but also perfectly protects Santa Claus against the cold wind. Custom painter Klaus Beutler provided some kind of stealth effect with his matte black paint job – the man with the red coat prefers to be unobserved at work.

Perfect ergonomics are extremely important because Santa Claus has to ride day and night before Christmas. The Warm Up technicians adjusted the gilles-tooling handlebar halves and footrests exactly to the size and weight of the hurried rider. Depending on the weight of the gifts he has to bring to the kids he can easily change the set-up of the front fork using the ABM adjuster wheels.

Another useful accessory is the Waeco backup camera system, which always provides a perfect rear view.

Since he had to resign on heated grips and seat pads to have an optimal power-to-weight-ratio Santa Claus doesn’t only wear a warm and cozy Asphaltfighters Stormbringer sweat shirt under his coat. The exactly fitting Held Biker Fashion leather suit is now also part of his uniform just like the Held Titan gloves and the Held Merlin boots. Of course he is wearing an X-lite X-701 Hazard helmet under his red cap.

Those who want to be as fast and exclusive on the road like Santa Claus can ask for the Asphaltfighters Stormbringer for Christmas or can order one from a retail price of 57,500 Euros ($82,300 USD).

Stormbringer UnveilingStrombringer Preview | Stormbringer Wallpaper


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