‘Minor Details’ | Privateer Racers

Minor Details DVD

Minor Details, the new DVD by Jason Moriarty, in affiliation with Slednecks and On the Throttle, is an up-close and personal account of two AMA Road Racing privateers, Josh Galster and Misti Hurst. That’s right, Misti Hurst–female. Absent are the big rigs full of gear, crew chiefs, mechanics, VIP lounges for the company execs, one-off parts and extensive testing along with research and data analysis.

Substitute these carte blanche attributes for what is possible with a vision, passion for the sport, magnificent effort, maxed-out credit cards, a handful of tools, and an easy-up and you become witness to Galster and Hurst–two gladiators living the true, hardcore grit of the otherwise undocumented side of the AMA grind.

This blistering, action-packed, adrenaline-filled film follows the two subjects during their rookie years (2008). While Hurst is out to prove to herself and the world what is possible for females on two wheels, inspiring future generations of girls across the country, Galster finds himself in contention, along with Tommy Aquino, for Rookie of the Year honors.

Along with showcasing Galster and Hurst, Minor Details includes cameos and racing montages from AMA stars like Danny Eslick, Ben Bostrom, Ben Thompson, Matt Mladin, and Ben Spies. Some scenes offer commentary from Speed Channel coverage during a few of the races as well.

Minor Details is a wild ride in more ways than one. Beyond what may be expected from the adrenaline junkie’s fix that I got from watching, there are some unexpected twists and blind corners that allow for a wider range of emotional experience. Action, passion, inspiration, tragedy, humor, and hope are all on display throughout the DVD.

Although Moriarty’s budget for the film was more akin to the privateer’s than the Goliath status of the factory AMA teams, he conveys the aforementioned emotions, spot on, with a healthy share of assistance from a killer soundtrack which includes cuts from Jane’s Addiction, the Prodigy, Wolfmother, the Offspring, and others.

"I just love the feeling I get from racing", says Galster. The 24-hour drives across the country in the rain to the next track, the Pit Setup/Crew Chief/Mechanic/Racer roles he plays, the trying to diagnose and fix a clutch for three 16+ hour days in a row with next to no sleep, then hoping on his bike to qualify and/or race, with tires that he bought from his job at the yogurt shop. To him, it’s all just Minor Details.