2010 Dakar Arrives | Lima Argentina

2010 Dakar Landing

The massive 2010 Argentina-Chile Dakar caravan aboard the Grande Brazile has arrived at the Delta Dock complex at Lima, Argentina. In all 550 vehicles (a majority are motorcycles), for the most part entered in the rally, others to be used by the organizers and media, were unloaded this morning. They are now ready to take on the 32nd edition of the rally that will be run from January 1st through January 17th.

Yesterday, a team of specialists unloaded all the equipment that left Le Havre France on November 30th. The vehicles entered in the competition are now stationed in the parc ferme that they will leave to proceed to the technical and administrative verifications organised at the La Rural centre on December 29th, 30th and 31st.

The field of vehicles entered will be completed by extra machines that will come to Argentina from various countries as well as those cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks from South American competitors; whose number has beaten all records this year.

The countdown has now begun for the thousands of Argentinean fans who can’t wait for the event to start. The rally will begin on January 1st with the presentation of the 184 motorcycles and quads, 136 cars and 52 trucks on the podium across from the Obelisk, on the 9th of July Avenue; one of Buenos Aires’ major boulevards.

Photography by Maindru