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Live Eyewear provides impressive ultraviolet (UV) protection with Cocoons, a premium line of polarized OveRx (over prescription) sunglasses. Harsh glare and distorted vision caused by the sun’s harmful rays can now be eliminated with the lightweight, comfortable, and surprisingly affordable sunglasses, designed to fit securely over most styles of prescription eyewear. Cocoons feature amber, gray, copper, and yellow Polaré polarized lenses that improve vision, eliminate glare, reduce eyestrain and provide UV400 protection.

The patented Advanced UV Protection provides 360° of wrap‐around protection that completely isolates the eyes within a cocoon of comfort and style, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. Studies have shown that 62‐percent of Americans wear prescription glasses – and they deserve the best possible eye protection from the elements when they venture outdoors.

Cocoons provide this protection at a very affordable price, much less than the cost of prescription sunglasses, and they provide crystal clear visual acuity. The scratch‐resistant Polaré lenses are extremely durable ‐ eight times stronger than competitive plastic lenses. Live Eyewear is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium OveRx eyewear. The company’s renowned sunglass brand, Cocoons, is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with comfort, convenience and quality. Featuring optically correct, scratch resistant lenses, and adjustable Flex2Fit temples, Cocoons deliver complete eye protection like no other over prescription eyewear.

In addition to Cocoons, Live Eyewear also manufactures the first ever OveRx sunwear collection to eliminate the need for side shields; Vistana. For more information, contact Live Eyewear at (800) 834‐2563 or visit the website at


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