Can-Am Spyder radio shows

On the Motorcycle Radio Network this week, we get Scott Walker from BRP to give the turkey-laden Blockhead boys the info on the brand new Can-Am Spyder RT.

Bill is breathing a little easier now that Todd B has emerged from the coma caused by eating too much turkey and pie. After seeing TB single-handedly demolish a Thanksgiving feast, our Arizona-based host now thinks moderation is the 6 Double Double cheeseburgers (Animal Style, of course) TB gets each time he goes to In-N-Out Burger.

This week on the show, Scott Walker from BRP joins the Blockhead Boys to tell them all about the revolutionary new Can-Am Spyder RT Roadster. Listen: 2010 Cam-Am Spyder RT discussion and more

The crew from Can-Am took the time to talk with motorcycle touring riders all over the world and ask them what they liked and disliked about traveling by motorcycle. The result? Riders wanted more room to carry their gear, and they wanted a motorcycle that was easier to balance at low speeds, even when loaded. They wanted easy integration for their electronic gear (GPS, iPod, etc.) and they wanted room to carry more gear. Finally, they wanted their passengers to be comfortable, and they wanted to carry more gear. Can-Am engineers and product development staff started with the tremendously successful Spyder RS (Roadster Sport) then built from there.

Heated front hand grips, electronic cruise control, electronically adjustable windshield, passenger arm rests and adjustable passenger footpegs are standard on all Spyder RT models. From there, the RT Audio & Convenience Package adds a well-integrated AM/FM Stereo with integrated handlebar controls and speed compensating volume controls, as well as heated grips for the passenger iPod integration (which is fully displayed in the instrument cluster). The RT-S model goes another step further with rear speakers, passenger audio controls, fog lamps and additional cargo lights.
BRP marketing refers to the inherent stability that comes from two wheels in front and one wheel in back as The Y Factor, but after riding the Spyder, Todd B just calls it genius. Passengers can climb on and off easily, yet the open-air feel of a motorcycle is still unchanged. Then there is the luggage factor. Between the gas-strut assisted back and side compartments (you have to see these work to believe it!) and the front compartment, you can carry 155 liters of gear! What? You want to be able to go hit the links with your partner? OK, not a problem!

Can-Am is the first motorcycle touring manufacturer to support the use of trailers on their machines and they have done that by offering the RT-622 trailer, which complements the Spyder RT style while adding 622-liters of cargo-carrying function. You can even put two golf bags in the optional RT Trailer (!) while integrating perfectly with the vehicle electronics that are standard on all Can-Am Spyders: Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Vehicle Stability System (VSS), Traction Control System (TCS) and Stability Control System (SCS) with roll-over mitigation.

Scott also told the Blockhead boys about a very special "Premiere Edition" of the Spyder RT-S. If you pre-order a Premiere Edition before January 4, 2010, your new ride will come with a specially-embroidered seat showing the Premiere Edition logo and your own vehicle number. In addition, you will get an iPod Nano 8GB pre-loaded with Spyder RT photos and videos – the perfect tool for downloading podcasts of the Motorcycle Radio Network! Just think, you could listen to Bill and Todd B whenever you want! Order the matching trailer and you’ll walk away with a matching custom leather jacket too!

Todd B and Mike from Ultimate were able to twin-test a pair of Spyder RS models earlier this past year. Listen: 2009 Cam-Am Spyder RS Review and more

Both riders came away mighty impressed with the stability, acceleration, fun and practicality of this unique vehicle. Now that we have checked out the Spyder RT a couple of times, we are getting ready for a quick familiarization ride later this year if the snow holds off up north. Scott has promised both Blockheads a chance to spend a week with the new model in the spring, and Todd B is already looking at the Garmin mapping software to see where he can go to test this incredible new ride.