Duratrax radio control off-road motorcycle

The Duratrax DX450 is a true 1/5-scale off-road radio control motorcycle that’s more than just hype. Don’t you hate it when you start jonesin’ because you haven’t ridden your bike in a few days…or hate the long wait in between motos? Well, here is the quickest way to get your fix!

The DX450 motorcycle is ready to blast the track right out of the box. Drop the battery in and crank it over the triples, rip it through the whoops or flat track it around the turns. This motorcycle is so capable on and off road, you can even set-up your own Supermoto course. Give it anything your imagination can unleash.

The fully adjustable suspension and knobby tires help absorb the bumps and control the ride, plus a simple but effective mechanical gyroscope keeps this bike stable and steady in anyone’s hands.

And, if you are not satisfied with the status quo, there is a full line of tricked out hop-up parts available. Everything from factory carbon fiber and aluminum, hotter motors, gearing, different tires, you name we got it!

The 1/5-scale DX450 radio controlled motorcycle is ready to run for a retail price of $519.99 and a street price of $349.99. The DX450 will be in available by mid-November.

Check out www.duratrax.com today and watch the knarly video of this bike in action…it’s hard to believe what this bike can do. Also, check out the dealer locator to find a hobby shop closet to you and start rippin’ it up! 


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