2010 AMA National Enduro Championship schedule

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) announced today the schedule for the 2010 AMA National Enduro Championship Series. In addition to welcoming many favorite venues back to the schedule, the 2010 season will take the championship to Maine for the first time in decades.

"This schedule has shaped up to be one of the best ever," said AMA Director of Racing Joe Bromley. "The National Enduro Promotions Group (NEPG) has worked hard the last few years to take this series to the next level, and we’re looking forward to reaching even greater heights in 2010."

The National Enduro title was first awarded in 1923, and is one of the longest-running national motorsports championships in the world. The championship series features AMA Racing-sanctioned events and is one of the premier off-road racing series in the country, giving both amateur competitors and the country’s fastest enduro racers a showcase for their talents.

One of the highlights for many racers this summer will be the return to the national schedule of the Jack Pine Enduro. The Jack Pine dates to the first year of the championship when the race crowned the first-ever national champion. Oscar Lenz won the title that year.

"With the Jack Pine once again being part of the national schedule, the return of the historic Alligator Enduro — which will celebrate its 60th running this year — and our trip to the challenging woods of the Northeast, we’re looking forward to a special year in 2010," said the NEPG’s Alan Randt. "We believe we’ve put together a program that offers our racers and fans variety, exposure and, of course, the challenging terrain and great riding that they demand."

Randt says that the NEPG will continue to hone some of the improvements it has introduced to the series the last two years, including electronic scoring.

"There are challenges in collecting scores from all the checks, some of which can be 20 miles out, and delivering final results in a timely manner," Randt says. "But with computer technology and cell phone coverage being what they are these days, typically if we have a strong enough signal we can provide nearly real-time scoring."

Randt says that other improvements for 2010 include a more consistent pro purse, and additional factory involvement.

This year’s championship will begin on Jan. 31 in the Manchester State Forest near Wedgefield, S.C. The 10-round championship will wrap on Oct. 2 in Matthews, Ind. The full schedule is below. For updates, see AMARacing.com and NationalEnduro.com.

2010 AMA National Enduro Championship Series Schedule

Round 1: Jan. 31
Johnny McCoy
LOC: Manchester State Forest – Wedgefield, S.C.
GPS: 33.86N 80.50W

Round 2: Feb. 21
Cherokee Cycle Club
Garrett McKey
LOC: Greensboro, Ga.

Round 3: March 4
Daytona Dirt Riders
Steve Pettenger
LOC: Daytona Beach, Fla.

Round 4: March 28
Lubbock Trail Riders
Kelly Simmons
LOC: Glass Ranch – Kalgary, Texas

Round 5: April 18
Paul Traufler
LOC: West Point, Tenn.

Round 6: May 16
Missouri Mudders
Michael Silger
LOC: St. Joe ORV Park – Park Hills, Mo.

Round 7: June 20
Inyan Kara Riders
Paul Douglas
LOC: Upton, Wy.
GPS: 44° 05’47N 104° 37’091

Round 8: July 25
Lansing Motorcycle Club
Jeff Hunt
LOC: Moorestown, Mich.

Round 9: Aug. 22
Seacoast Trail Riders
Peter Anania
LOC: North Berwich, Maine

Round 10: October 2
Muddobbers MC
Doug Spence
LOC: Matthews, Ind.



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