Harley Dumps Buell & MV Agusta | Radio Show

Harley Dumps Buell

What a week in the motorcycle industry… Whatever may have been happening in the motorcycle world stopped on Thursday morning when Harley-Davidson Motor Company announced it was pulling the plug on American sportbike manufacturer Buell, and also moving to sell MV Agusta. As the news broke, Todd sent an open letter to Erik Buell and his former teammates at Buell.

This week on The Motorcycle Radio Network, we spend time discussing just how the wheels came off the Harley-Davidson machine. You’ll hear it from the insiders’ perspective as Bill and Todd B chat with our special guest from Ultimate MotorCycling about events, decisions and products that have placed The Motor Company on the difficult road it currently finds itself on. We even spend some time evaluating the latest financial figures published by Harley on October 15, 2009. Listen to the podcast here.

Finally, Todd B has long been known as a very unconventional thinker. Harley-Davidson is known for its slow, hardly moving style that thrives on convention and tradition. Buell is known for being innovative to the point of being described as "out of the box." (Todd’s way of thinking is often so far out of the box it requires an oxygen mask and a safety tether.

Somehow, I’m guessing that Todd didn’t quite fit in at Harley… LOL) Although the news of Buell’s demise is all over the internet, Todd isn’t ready to give the crew at Buell a standing eight count just yet. Check out his take on the what will become of Buell.