2010 Kawasaki Z1000 | Preview

Naked Motorcycle

The Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle has always possessed the purposeful look of a sportbike, while offering a high level of every day practicality on the street. Development of the new 2010 Z1000 motorcycle started from scratch, with the specific goals of creating a distinctive visual impact and superior on-road motorcycling performance. The end result is essentially a custom-made super streetfighter.

A unique blend of Japanese art and technology, the 2010 Z1000’s styling takes a dramatic leap forward with the distinct look of an apex predator. Hunched-down and ready to pounce, its visual impact is much stronger than that of a naked sportbike, or a derivative copy of some Euro trend.

The Z1000 clearly surpasses the dynamic performance of its predecessors, thanks to a new quick-revving 1,043cc inline-four cylinder engine, and an all-new quick-steering aluminium chassis connected to an all-new horizontal rear suspension design. A comfortable upright riding position means the Z1000 remains a practical transportation tool, even as the dramatic howl from its new cold-air intake raises hairs on the back of its rider’s neck.

Key Features

• All-New Aluminum Chassis

• All-New 1043cc Engine

• All-New Horizontal Rear Suspension

• Sharp “Predatory” Styling

• Light & Quick Handling

• Lower Seat Height than Previous Z1000 Models