2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R | Preview

Evolutionary Superbike

The Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle shines on the racetrack, thanks to technology developed on Kawasaki road race bikes. Although designed to offer maximum performance on the circuit, the same power and handling that provide such amazing on-track performance, also make it more fun for riding this motorcycle on the street.

The current ZX-6R motorcycle debuted in 2009, featuring what was quite possibly the best sporting transmission Kawasaki has ever produced. For 2010, Kawasaki’s engineers applied similar technology to the ZX-10R’s gearbox, with internal modifications aimed at reducing play in the shift mechanism and providing a more-precise feel at the lever. The result is smooth, effortless shifting with clean and positive gear engagement.

Like its gearbox, the ZX-10R’s adjustable twin-tube Öhlins steering damper also received internal modifications for improved performance. A separate spring and free piston were added to the reservoir tube to enhance damping stability, and a new titanium colored finish and laser-etched logo update the damper’s external appearance.

Always an aggressive and technologically interesting motorcycle to look at, the 2010 ZX-10R’s bodywork features updates to give it a lighter, more-compact appearance. A new single piece front fairing reduces the visual weight of the ZX-10R’s front end, while new inner panels provide a tidier look around the handlebar area. Adding to the effect of the minimalist bodywork, sharper new side panels incorporate more black into their design, helping the 10R to appear even more compact. A new muffler completes the appearance updates, with a new dimpled surface pattern, metallic grey paint finish, and a compact end cap providing a smaller appearance and more sinister look.

Key Features

• Upgraded Öhlins Twin-Tube Adjustable Steering Damper
• Upgraded Transmission for Smoother, More-Precise Shifting
• Upgraded Bodywork for Appearance and Aerodynamic Improvements
• Race-Oriented Engine Performance
• Track-Tuned Handling
• Back Torque Limiting “Slipper” Clutch
• Kawasaki Ignition Management System (KIMS)



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