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The brand new touring program from Edelweiss Bike Travel has just hit the market and contains exciting and unique motorcycle tours all around the globe. Riding with Edelweiss in 2010 will help motorcycle travelers experience the art of motorcycle touring across different continents. After 30 years of guided motorcycle tours Edelweiss Bike Travel not only celebrate their 30th anniversary but they have also introduces 21 new tours and launch 4 new product lines. Below is a brief overview:

A tour through the heartland of the Alps is the dream of every motorcyclist. Ride with us from Munich, Germany to Braincon, France and all the way back on the most exciting Alpine and Pass roads on this earth!

This tour is a time travel through the history of Europe – on a motorcycle. Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Cracow and Budapest are just a few of the great cities we are going to visit.

Remunerate you with a vacation of a special nature: Luxurious accommodation and roads which you will keep in mind forever are the main features of this overwhelming tour in the Alps.

The BMW Motorrad Days are a highlight for many motorcyclists. Combine your visit in Garmisch- Partenkirchen with a one-week adventure through the Alps where you ride on some of the greatest roads you have ever seen.

This great tour leads along the American west coast. Starting in Los Angeles you experience highlights like Santa Barbara, Highway No. 1, Redwood National Park and many more before your journey ends in Seattle after 11 days of fabulous riding.

318 unforgettable curves in only 11 miles are the peak point of this tour through the Smoky Mountains. Ride through 4 American states where you can enjoy their fantastic scenery and great roads.

Ride with Edelweiss Bike Travel to the end of the world – Ushuaia! 18 incredible riding days and features like Pucon, Bariloche, Fitz Roy and Torres del Paine National Park are waiting for you!

A motorcycle safari through Kenya and Tanzania? The sky’s the limit at Edelweiss Bike Travel! Experience Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Ngorongoro and Masai Mara National Park, the Indian Ocean and lots more on this special tour!

If you are looking for something very adventurous and challenging then you should ride on this tour. Challenging off-road passages and water crossings as well as beautiful landscape turn this tour through the Altai Mountains into a unique motorcycle tour to be experienced. Those are only a few of the new tours within our program 2010. At Edelweiss Bike Travel we fulfil all desires.

Scouting Tours have a long-term tradition at Edelweiss.

>> SCOUTING India and Nepal
>> SCOUTING Moscow to St. Petersburg
>> SCOUTING Sydney to Perth
>> SCOUTING Bolivia, Chile, Argentina
>> SCOUTING South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia

Apart from our regular touring program and the unique Scouting tours they have called to life 4 brand new product lines:

The greatest and most adventurous routes worldwide are often also the most challenging ones! Have you ever ridden up to Passo di Stelvio? 48 of the tightest hairpins you have ever seen have to get managed before you are on top of this pass. So, to make sure that there is no risk for you while riding your bike we now offer 3 different trainings in extraordinary destinations and with professional guidance that you can extend your riding skills and especially your off-road experience.

Especially for people, who don’t want to enjoy too much comfort and who want to be part of a motorcycle vacation far away from home we have created 4 new and hot Ride4Fun tours. Before tour start you pack anything you need on tour on your motorcycle. Your Ride4Fun tour guide will show you the greatest paths on tours through the Alps, Slovenia and Croatia, Spain and Tuscany! Be part of an unforgettable motorcycle trip!

If you are ready for something new and special you have to go on an Edelweiss Scooter tour. Places, we have chosen to be the basis for our tours are Florence, Tuscany and Grasse at the Cote d’Azur. Starting each day from a nice hotel and with the scooter of your choice we sample fantastic adventures and visit highlights you will never forget!

As we already noticed, we at Edelweiss have our 30th anniversary. To celebrate this special jubilee we have created the ultimate tour for you. It last 8 months and you have to ride about 40,000 miles. Join us with your own motorcycle on a tour around the world and we show you places and routes which let your dream of the ultimate ride come true.

Of course you can get the whole information online at www.edelweissbike.com or on request at


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