Scorpion now accepting racer resumes for 2010

What do up and coming USGPRU roadracers Garrett and Grayson Gerloff and defending WERA Vintage Champ Mark Harrison have in common? How about CRA#151 Scott Laudon and WMRRA racer Wendy Leber? They all joined Team Scorpion! The green flag has dropped and it is time to get those sponsorship applications in for the 2010 season of racing.

Starting September 15th and running through February 1st, 2010 ScorpionEXO is accepting applications on-line for all ATV, off-road, Supermoto and road racers looking for a new lid for the upcoming season. Note that sponsorship applications are accepted online only, so don't try to score the holeshot by calling Scorpion directly!

All interested riders must first submit the initial Rider Data Form and required image. Please do not mail in videos or CDs... instead, utilize YouTube or similar online links. Click onto: for the data form and Scorpion's race support team will contact you for more details. Remember, take the time to spell check and make sure all the information blocks are filled in.


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