ASV clutch and brake levers at Bonneville

ASV clutch and brake levers gave the Race Tech-FL Racing CBR600RR one of many small aerodynamic edges needed to break the five-year-old 650cc M/G (modified, gas) record of 157.556 mph with a 162.026 mph run at Bonneville Speed Week.

Breaking big speed records is all about sweating the smallest details, said Bonneville veteran and Race Tech owner Paul Thede: "Although it's hard to measure how much closer each modification gets us to land-speed records, you'd be surprised by how all of the little aerodynamic tricks add up to big mph gains."

Thede, who piloted the bike to this and three other records, continued: "The stock levers sit out in the breeze, while ASV's shorty levers stay within the wind bubble, adding to the total aerodynamic package. Without a doubt, these are well-made products that bolted right on."

In addition to providing record-breaking aerodynamic advantages, ASV's innovative brake and clutch levers feature a pivoting design that allows the lever to fold out of harm's way in the event of a crash or tip-over. Instead of bending or breaking, the levers simply pivot away from the handlebar when impact occurs and spring back instantly.

To fit all hand sizes and control preferences, each ASV C/5 Sport lever comes in the wind-cheating "shorty" size or the standard length and has a 3-in. range of on-the fly reach adjustment that can be dialed in throughout 100 micro clicks. They're available in black, gold and raw billet (silver) anodized matte finishes for most late-model sportbikes.

Made in USA, ASV's high-end C/5 sportbike levers are carved from 6061 aluminum billet, have sealed bearings, stainless-steel pivot bushings and fasteners, and come with chrome silicon high-tension springs. They're fully rebuildable, carry a five-year guarantee and retail for $125.

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