AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference | Day 8

Day 8 – Conference Conclusion

Impossible. Really? It can’t already be the last day of the conference! Where did the week go? I haven’t attended all of seminars or seen some of my friends or met enough new ones. I’m not ready to leave this alpine paradise full of inspirational biker ladies and fantastic riding.

After a quick stop by the ice cream social to see some more of my east coast motorcycle friends, I took a quick trip out to Silverthorne Powersports just a few miles away to pick up some supplies for the road and check out the snowmobiles. (You just don’t stop by a dealership and see them in California!) Mike Stovekin and his dog "Breezy" had already earned a reputation for a warm welcome to Conference attendees, and Guzzi Alice and I were given the same red carpet treatment. He even invited us to come back in the winter to try out the snow machines.

As I got ready to go to the Closing Celebration Banquet, it finally dawned on me that this wonderful time of fun cool motorcycle women, inspiration, bonding, riding, learning… sadly, it’s drawing to a close. At the banquet, AMA President Rob Dingman gave the packed-to-the-gills ballroom a heartfelt send off, Kawasaki’s Jan Plessner presented a video of inspirational women riders, Lois Pryce (aka Lois on the Loose) took us along her solo trip from England to the tip of South Africa, and local band Groove Machine closed up the night by rocking the dance floor.

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, especially my friends from faraway states and other continents. If only I had more time here. Despite the wonderful experiences I’ve had, and fascinating women I’ve met, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of the women’s motorcycle scene.

Now I sit in the condo reflecting on the week, thinking about the ride home, listening to the distant growl of motorcycles leaving the event. At least I’ll have a couple days on the road riding home to reminisce. So, ride along with me as I headback to Southern California.

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