New custom bike performance engine “114”

Demon’s Cycle, a premier custom-built motorcycle parts wholesaler with a long standing reputation in the industry, and Ultima Motorcycle Products, have partnered to develop the high-performance Demon’s 114 Competition Engine, available exclusively through Demon’s Cycle.

The 114 combines all of the best characteristics of the most popular models currently available, but isn’t cost prohibitive. In fact, the 114 is available at the same price as its predecessor, the 113.

"This is the best of the best," says Thomas Steinbacher President Demon’s cycle inc. "The performance world has been waiting for an engine like this and it doesn’t disappoint. The feedback we’re getting is phenomenal – it’s surpassed our expectations and most importantly, it doesn’t come with an inflated price tag."

The 114 offers greater reliability, dependability and performance than previous models because of key product improvements. A reduction is piston speeds results in less wear on the cylinder walls and piston, and better rock boxes and a thicker head gasket offer increased reliability. The increase in rod ratio lessens the side load on the cylinder walls, reducing friction and heat, and allowing a much more free-revving motor.

To learn more about the 114’s product specifications and highlights, visit the Demon’s Cycle Web site at