Wiley X Eyewear new light adjusting AirRage

The open road throws a lot at motorcycle riders. Drying wind, rocks, dust and bugs are just some of the hazards riders face, together with changing conditions that can go from bright sunlight and heavy shadows to complete darkness and back again in an instant. As a leading provider of protective eyewear to U.S. armed forces in action around the globe, Wiley X is an expert at protecting vision in the world’s most challenging environments.

The innovators at Wiley X Eyewear have introduced a new LA Light Adjusting Bronze Brown lens to the wildly popular AirRage frame to create the new, versatile AirRage Model #699. At the heart of these new motorcycle glasses are state-of-the-art photo chromic lenses that rapidly lighten or darken in response to changing light environments. These lenses are engineered to change from clear to dark brown and back again in a hurry – giving riders optimum visual acuity whatever the road, or Mother Nature, throws at them. In the Wiley X tradition, these distortion-free lenses also protect riders’ eyes from harmful UVA/UVB radiation and exceed stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity safety standards.

As part of the company’s popular Climate Control Series, the new Wiley X AirRage #699 features lightweight ANSI-certified frames with Wiley X’s Facial Cavity Seal, a removable vented soft foam gasket that creates a secure, comfortable fit for every rider. This exclusive technology also creates a climatically controlled cocoon that shields the wearer’s eyes from wind, dust and debris, even at highway speeds. As a result, these rugged glasses provide all-day eye comfort that can’t be matched by traditional sunglasses. This comfort is further enhanced by the AirRage’s contoured frame with symmetrical venting that allows cool air to enter the frame in a controlled, natural manner.

The combination of Wiley X’s sleek Gloss Black frame and Brown Light Adjusting lenses give the AirRage #699 a look that’s as cool as a ride on a winter morning. Each pair comes complete with an Elastic Temple Strap (ideal for aggressive riding), Leash Cord, Cleaning Cloth and Durable Case.



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