Zero Gravity recommends Acrylic Plastic Cleaners

Zero Gravity windscreens should be maintained using superior plastic cleaners like Kleenmaster Brillianize, Plexus®, and Novus No.2 for it’s optimum crystal clarity. Kleenmaster Brillianize is used by the Zero Gravity production line to prep every Zero Gravity windscreen.

The Zero Gravity production line also uses Novus No.2 on some screens to remove fine scratches before packaging. Kleenmaster Brillianize cleans quickly without leaving a film and buffs to a brilliant shine. It provides an antistatic property, which resists finger marks, dust, and abrasions. It is offered in a 1 gallon bottle or a convenient 8oz spray bottle. Next is Plexus, a unique 13oz aerosol cleaner that cleans and coats plastic windshields and painted surfaces in one easy step.

Team Zero Gravity used Plexus in the pits because of its ease of use and versatility. It easily cleans brake dust and chain lube from wheels. Finally Zero Gravity supplies Novus #2 in an 8oz bottle. It removes fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from acrylic windscreens. Zero Gravity screens are made with cutting edge technology and feature a precise fit, hand polished visible edges and distortion free optical clarity.

Call Zero Gravity at 1-800-345-9791 for more information about these products or visit their website at



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