Vemar Jiano | Motorcycle Helmet

Italian Convertible Helmet

Flip-up motorcycle helmets are compromises, and the Italian-made Vemar Jiano strikes a pleasant balance. Recognizing that many motorcycle riders will be touring behind windshields, the vented helmet sits coolly on the head, due in no small part to the minimalist, yet comfortable, padding. While the Jiano carries the additional weight that the pivoting hardware adds to the helmet, it is nicely balanced and aerodynamically efficient.

An internal flip-down smoked shield is helpful when the sun is behind you; however, it suffers from excessive glare when hit directly by the sun’s rays. So, while the easily deployed dark shield is more convenient than sunglasses, it is no replacement. Happily, the hinge systems and clasping strap on the well-finished Jiano are easily operated with gloved hands, a big plus for touring and city riders.