Hot Leathers’ new saddle bags and sissy bar bags (photo)

It’s the peak of motorcycle riding and rally season, and Hot Leathers, the industry leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories, is making sure riders have their basics covered before hitting the open road. Motorcycle bags are a necessity for every biker, and Hot Leathers offers a wide selection of saddle bags and sissy bar bags that are high-quality, durable and reasonably priced.

While on the road, riders need a place to store their gear. Saddle bags vary significantly in size and price, but Hot Leather’s collection of bags offers a great fit for any bike at an even greater price. Many of Hot Leathers’ saddle bags are waterproof, offer heat protection and come with a unique, easy zip-off feature that makes travel a breeze. The zippers are hidden so only the rider knows how simple the bags are to detach. When the ride is over for the day, the bags can be zipped off and, using the sturdy, built-in handles, carried into a house or hotel for the night.

Some riders prefer a sissy bar bag or travel bag over saddle bags, and Hot Leathers has a huge selection to choose from. Hot Leathers’ new saddle bags and sissy bar bags, which fit tightly to any bike and provide plenty of room for travel amenities. Travel bags are used to protect belongings when riders are away from their bikes. Whether riders prefer rolling or handled bags, they are sure to find the perfect Hot Leathers bag to guard their gear.

To view Hot Leathers complete inventory of motorcycle bags, as well as other riding gear and accessories, please visit Hot Leathers online. Stop by and see what’s in stock and ready to ship today.

Hot Leathers has been serving the motorcycle community for over 25 years. The company’s growing wholesale and printing facilities have earned it a place as one of America’s top 50 volume screen printers. Known for fast and friendly service, Hot Leathers makes its customers a priority whether in the shop or on the road. Hot Leathers is a division of Good Sports, Inc. and currently has store locations in Sturgis, S.D., Swansea, Mass., Daytona Beach, Fla., East Providence, R.I. and South Windsor, Conn. Hot Leathers also takes its merchandise to various rallies and events across the country. Keep an eye out this summer for the Hot Leathers logo. It’s a brand you can trust with prices you can easily afford.


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