Scorpion release new Klaw race-spec glove (photo)

Proving you can’t have too much of a good thing, the engineers at Scorpion Sports have revamped the original Venom version of their race-spec glove to create the all-new Klaw. In keeping with Scorpion’s goal of providing ExoSkeletal protection, upgraded goatskin leather is combined with "PowerStretch" panels across the knuckles and a protective plate over the back of the hand. The result is an expanded range of flexibility and a perfect fit, without sacrificing protection.

Working in conjunction with the protective plate is the patented ExoTec CE-approved armor. All seams on the Klaw gloves get the ExoStitch overlapping safety seams to make sure they don’t blow out in the event of an impact. The natural wear characteristics of the tough goatskin, combined with added protection of the ExoTec armor inserts, earns the Klaw a full "4" on Scorpion’s unique Abradium abrasion scale. There is also a full 1 year warranty on these gloves as well.

However, all these up rated specs still don’t mean riders on a budget will have to resort to a five-fingered discount to get their hands on these top-of-the line gauntlets. MSRP remains under 50 bucks! Available in Black, Silver and White, the Klaw fits mitts ranging from XS all the way up to 2XL.

Available exclusively from Scorpion dealers, MSRP: $49.95

Join Team Scorpion! More information about the full range of ScorpionExo Helmets and Scorpion Sports, Inc.’s complete ScorpionExoWear line can be found at


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