CorsaVino announces Italian motorcycle-themed wine (photo)

CorsaVino announces today the bottling and immediate availability of its new, Italian motorcycle-themed wine selections.

CorsaVino, founded by motorcycle connoisseur Arun Sharma; is a winning combination of vintner Rich Cushman's acclaimed wine and the pair's shared passion for Italian motorcycles. Sharma, a lifelong motorcyclist and GM of MotoCorsa- one of Ducati's premiere dealerships- is a well known figure in the Italian bike scene. His love of Italian motorcycles and the Ducati community inspired him to invest in another treasure enjoyed by so many in the motorcycle community - fine wine.

Originally "not much of a drinker," many trips to Italy exposed Arun to the passion of winemaking and the ritual of slowing down to share a fine wine with friends. The Italian winemakers' obsession with detail and the quality of each component - all ultimately for the purpose of enjoying life - resonated deeply with his appreciation for Italian motorcycles. Thus inspired, it was an unforeseen but natural journey to blend these shared passions and capture them in a bottle.

The range includes a Columbia Valley Cabernet, Viognier and Syrah; all of which have been produced in extremely limited quantities. The wines are affordably priced at $25-30, and available for shipment across the USA. Full details and images can be found at


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