Yamaha Champions Riding School off to fast start

The inaugural Yamaha Champions Riding School at Miller Motorsports Park concluded Thursday afternoon, June 4. The graduates of the school's first class were greatly improved and more confident riders than when they arrived Wednesday morning.

"These past two days have made such a difference in my riding," said first-time student Doug Thayer. "I have been to riding schools, had one-on-one days with instructors and read a lot of information about riding, but these guys made it easier to understand and put to use. I was able to improve so much because of what this school and its staff have done with me over just two days."

But Doug was not ready to leave just yet as he asked, "Can we just keep going and make this a three-day school?"

Each student was able to improve dramatically over the course of the school and worked hard to improve their skills and abilities.

"I can't believe how worn out I am," said Yamaha Motor Corporation District Manager Ryan Montgomery. "This school has taught me so much in such a short period of time. I am riding better than I ever have and more consistently than ever."

The instructors also noticed the dramatic improvements of the students.

"There is such a clear improvement in your riding over the past two days," Yamaha Champions Riding School instructor Ken Hill told the students prior to departure. "We saw it in the video, and the difference between yesterday [Wednesday] and today [Thursday] was clear. Each of you are feeling it when you ride by how much quicker we are able to ride now without taking the same amount of risk as you were taking before you came to the school."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School is committed making its students better, more proficient riders.

"Motorcyclists, as a whole, are ruining their own sport," said Lead Instructor Nick Ienatsch. "Each time a rider heads out and does not understand how to control their motorcycle well, they are jeopardizing our entire industry.

"Over the past two days we have been able to reach out and help many to enjoy their riding more than ever, and minimize the risk associated with riding," Ienatsch said. "From just this group we have helped families to feel better, knowing those they care about are safer and improved riders. How can you put a price on that?"

With a maximum of 20 students per class, and an instructor ration of 4:1, the schools are quickly filling up.

"Sign-ups for our upcoming schools are coming in quickly," said Daniel Short, the recently hired Yamaha Champions Riding School Manager. "Registration for our schools has only been active for a couple of weeks, but the number of registrations we have been seeing is a great sign.

"Our students get to enjoy the best sportbikes around; the Yamaha R6, R6S FZ1 and FZ6R," said Short, "as well as the best instructor staff in the world. On top of that, they get to ride at Miller Motorsports Park, one of the world's safest and most highly regarded facilities."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School has a full line of Alpinestars leathers boots and gloves to fit almost any rider, as well as Arai helmets for their students to rent if needed.

"Anyone interested in improving their riding at any level can literally fly into Salt Lake City, take the shuttle to our contracted hotel and we pick them up in the morning, take them to the track, provide the bike, great Michelin tires, any riding gear they need and they get to ride a world-class track that just hosted the FIM World Superbike Championship," Ienatsch said.

"We can help riders of any skill level," said instructor Ken Hill. "We teach students how the best riders in the world ride. We study all the top racers, talk with them and learn what they do. After all, championships are not won from the dirt. Champions can ride safely and consistently, allowing them to stay upright and win races.

"The same skills they use to minimize their risks while riding apply to all riders on any motorcycle," Hill continued. "So, as the best in the world learn to ride faster and safer, we are able to adjust the program to provide each student with the latest techniques and education to help them reach their goals."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School offers both two- and three-day classes at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. Class dates and more information can be found by calling Daniel Short at 801.891.7901.

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