Midland Radio announces availability of Wireless Systems

Midland Radio Corporation, a leading manufacturer of two-way communication products has announced the expansion of Bluetooth Wireless Intercom Systems in North and South America.

Based on the successful launch in Europe, Midland Radio decided to expand the line into North and South America. The Bluetooth Wireless Intercom devices cater to any type of rider. Midland Radio brought quality and performance to a new level providing wireless connectivity for rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger communication with wind and weather resistant features. The models include the following capabilities and advanced features:

>> BT2-D – Complete wireless intercom system for both the rider and passenger. Both units connect up to three Bluetooth devices; cell phone, GPS or MP3 Player as well as the intercom feature.

>> BT2-S – A wireless multimedia system for a solo rider with the ability to connect up to three Bluetooth devices that include cell phone, GPS or MP3 player (will pair with other BT2 devices).

>> BT1 – A wireless intercom system for communication between the rider and passenger. The rider unit connects up to three Bluetooth devices; cell phone, GPS or MP3 player as well as the passenger unit. Passenger unit connects to the Rider unit for full intercom functionality and with the included auxiliary cable, can pair with their own mp3 player.

>> BT Rebel – A wireless multimedia system for the sole rider. Unit connects up to one Bluetooth device; cell phone, GPS or MP3 player.

The BT feature-rich product line is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing for wireless helmet to helmet communication as well as connectivity with Bluetooth compatible electronics such as cell phones, GPS and MP3 players. Each model improves user experience by exemplifying high performance, reliability, while blending convenience with multi-functionality.

"We realize how essential communication is while on the road and we have gone above and beyond to give riders reliability, highlighting simplicity and performance," says Dan Devling, President of Midland Radio. "Making products that enhances our customers’ lifestyles is truly our mission."

The entire product line comes packaged with bonus accessories for each unit; two types of mounting hardware (base with screw and base with adhesive), two types of microphones (Boom and Wired mics) and stereo cables for superior HiFi stereo sound.


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