2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 | Motorcycle Review

1462cc V-Twin Cruising Fun

The surly Suzuki Boulevard M109R can be a satisfying machine when extreme riding is in order, but the big-engined beast is a bit severe for daily use. Filling the gap between the M50 and the M109R, Suzuki’s new M90 combines more humane ergonomics with a 90 cu in (1462cc) V-twin.

The M90’s ample saddle sits three-quarters of an inch closer to the handlebar and just over an inch nearer to the footpegs. After a day riding along the central California coast, the setup felt far more accommodating than it would have aboard its big-bore brother.

Though ride quality is stiff by most measures, it is considerably more compliant than the jouncy M109R, and the more compact proportions make it easier to handle when the road gets twisty.The M90 behaves rather well, despite its curb weight of 723 lbs. With enough careful momentum shifting and forethought, this low-slung cruiser can hold its own against most technically challenging canyon roads.

The M90 inherits modern styling cues from the M109R that maintain an authoritative visual presence, though a large radiator and bulbous rear fender (housing a skinnier 200mm tire) make it a degree removed from two-wheeled aesthetic perfection. Crank the throttle, and a nicely tuned rumble spills out of the twin slash-cut exhaust pipes, heading off most cravings for bigger dis-placement competitors. Thrust is also strong-particularly when the throttle is rolled on from low engine speeds-and as the miles pile up, you may just fi nd yourself content to swear off heftier, more imposing alternatives.

The Suzuki Boulevard M90 may lack the ultimate pavement bruising ability of supremely empowered cruisers, but under most conditions, it is enough bike to put a king-sized grin on the face of most riders.


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