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New Bullet Classic C5 and Bullet G5

Classic Motorworks, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycles, announces two new models available in the states. The Bullet Classic C5 and the Bullet G5 both have been designed to operate like a modern day motorcycle with all of the technological amenities bike enthusiasts expect, but without compromising the iconic design of the original Royal Enfield Bullet.

"These bikes cater to the new generation of cycle enthusiasts, with one important distinction - very low maintenance and no need to "tinker," said Kevin Mahoney, president, Classic Motorworks. "We are thrilled to be presenting these bikes in the U.S. and have already seen an incredible response to them in our dealers' showrooms."

The Bullet Classic C5

The "C5" is a completely retro-looking bike, channeling 1951 styling, but with a newly designed, modernized Unit Construction Engine (UCE) - and Royal Enfield's first electronic fuel injection (EFI). This bike is a complete departure from Royal Enfield's existing models, both in styling and engine technology, but retains the essence, look and feel of the original Bullet. The use of a 500cc long-stroke, single cylinder, pushrod engine ensures that Bullet owners will get the torque, feel and sound they have become
accustomed to.

The basic goals for the new engine were as follows:
  >> Increased reliability and low maintenance through design, engineering and technology
  >> Ability to sustain the higher cruising speeds found in the U.S.
  >> Extra passing power and torque associated with a single cylinder, pushrod engine
  >> Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
  >> Very low emissions

For the first time in Royal Enfield's history, the company set-up its own design group, and sought the expertise of consulting firms from all over the world for engine and chassis design, as well as for testing. Furthermore, the in-house designers made multiple visits to the British National Motorcycle Museum for styling inspiration and to ensure the look was historically correct. The result? A modern interpretation of the 1950s-era classic British Single.

Some additional points of distinction in the C5's styling include:
  >> Post-World War II styling with authentic fuel tank graphics
  >> Body-colored frame, color-keyed to match the fuel tank and fenders
  >> Sprung saddle, with special bushings for smoothness of action and isolation of vibration
  >> Era-correct stitching, texture and finish on the seat cover for period-perfect style
  >> Black-painted alloy cylinder, emulating the cast-iron cylinders common in the 1950s

The C5 is expected to be available for purchase in the U.S. in June 2009 at all Classic Motorworks dealers, retailing for $6,395.

The Bullet G5

The updated "G5" model now also embodies the new UCE engine with EFI, and has been updated and modernized without compromising its 1955 image and style.

Enhancements include:
  >> All-new unit construction engine with integral 5-speed transmission
  >> Styled after world-famous 1955 Bullet
  >> Stunning one-color design with hand-painted pinstripes
  >> Deluxe version includes chrome fender, chrome tank and additional chrome trim
  >> Military version also available - Olive Drab as used in WWll by the British
  >> Improved suspension, higher cruising speeds and better handling
  >> Avon Speedmaster Mk. II tires
  >> Incredible fuel economy
  >> Very low emissions green bike with EFI and a three-stage catalytic converter
  >> Front disc brake

These models include the Classic G5, Deluxe G5 and the Military and are priced to start at $5,995.

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