New Racing Kit Available for Triumph’s 2009 Daytona 675 Motorcycle

New Racing Kit Available for Triumph’s 2009 Daytona 675 Motorcycle.

Triumph has put its experience working with road racing teams around the world to good use by developing a new line of precision engineered and track-tested racing parts for the 2009 Triumph Daytona 675. Already recognized as a world-class race bike, riders can achieve the same performance as professional teams from their Daytona 675 with the state-of-the-art race kit.

The new Triumph racing parts are currently being used by teams competing in the AMA Pro Racing series that include the Florida-based R&B Motorsports team with rider Justin Filice, son of legendary Hall of Famer Jimmy Filice. The Italian-based ParkinGO BE1 Racing team that competes in the World Supersport series with riders Gianluca Nannelli of Italy and Garry McCoy of Australia also uses parts straight from the Triumph Race Kit. Triumph has won national supersport championships in France, Germany and the UK with the Daytona 675 and its Race Kit parts in previous racing seasons.

"The Daytona 675 was developed to achieve optimum performance on the street and at the track," said Jim Callahan, North American Marketing Manager for Triumph Motorcycles. "Triumph has incorporated what we’ve learned racing at some of the world’s most challenging circuits into this new line of racing parts so that Triumph riders can confidently compete at the highest levels of performance."

The street version of the 2009 Daytona 675 weighs in at just 356 pounds and develops 126hp. In production trim, the bike features a new, weight-saving magnesium cam cover as well as lighter wheels that provide significant savings in unsprung weight and further help the bike’s excellent handling characteristics. The bike’s three-cylinder engine utilizes a racing-inspired hydraulic cam chain tensioner and higher ratio first gear that were formerly available as race kit options and are now standard equipment on every Daytona 675.

Heading up the new parts line is a programmable ECU, Triumph/Arrow titanium racing exhaust system, Triumph/Arrow adjustable rearsets, and a plug and play quickshifter. Additional items include a race harness kit, air funnel kit, racing oil pump gearing kit, adjustable camshaft sprocket kit, manual camshaft tensioner and blade kit, a reusable engine cover gasket set and racing cylinder head gaskets.

Here’s a closer look at the new racing parts and their associated performance improvements:

TRACS – Triumph Race Calibration Software
TRACS (Triumph Race Calibration Software) is a new computer program that allows racers to tune Triumph’s programmable race ECU from a laptop PC. Developed by one of Triumph’s most experienced EFI calibration engineers, the programmable ECU and software was created for the growing number of competitors that are riding Triumph motorcycles at the track.

The new software provides racers with quick access to a wide range of adjustments that can be downloaded to the race ECU in about 35 seconds for tuning during testing, practice and qualifying sessions.
Features include:
• Fully programmable fuel mapping (500rpm increments, for individual cylinders).
• Fully programmable ignition mapping.
• Switchable wet and dry maps.
• Adjustable pit lane speed limiter and speedo calibration.
• Adjustable quickshifter cut duration (adjustable at low, mid and high RPM)
• Adjustable rev limiter up to 15,000rpm.
• New software strategies to improve throttle progression.
• Optimized software to run faster to cater for the higher RPMs involved in a race environment.
• Ability to save multiple maps within the memory of the PC.
• Ability to update an existing 2007/2008 Race ECU to 2009 specification and functionality.*
(*Not all features will be available if using the 2007/08 Race harness.)

Exhaust – Triumph/Arrow Titanium "Stage 3" System
Triumph has continued to collaborate with Italian race exhaust specialists Arrow Special Parts to develop a new, full titanium racing exhaust system. This system complies with current FIM regulations, works as part of the factory race kit, and offers a significant weight reduction and considerable power gains.

Triumph/Arrow Race Rearsets
Another result of the collaboration between Triumph and Arrow are the CNC machined, fully adjustable race rearsets. Offered in both standard and reverse shift pattern, they feature a black anodized finish and are a must for anyone using a Daytona 675 at the track. The rearsets can also be used in conjunction with the new Triumph quickshifter.

Plug and Play Quickshifter
The new quickshifter quickly and easily installs into the Daytona 675’s standard and racing harnesses, allowing riders to perform full and partial throttle up-shifts without the need for the clutch. The quickshifter can be used with both the standard and Triumph/Arrow rearsets.

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