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Tis’ the season once again, and though a motorcycle electric vest would be nice, or an intercom system might bring you and your partner closer together—let’s face it— nothing really says, “I love you” like a full-blown Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

And while a shiny new hog certainly makes for a handsome stocking stuffer, one may choose to eschew buying the stock version in favor of a more personal gift; something that celebrates them as a man—or woman—apart. Something, say, from Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) collection.

The recent factory-custom trend has taken root as a marriage between the manufacturer’s desire to keep after-market parts dollars in-house and the bike buyer’s desire for enhanced performance and exclusivity. The Motor Company incorporates synergistically functioning Screamin’ Eagle engine mods into its CVO offerings and adds distinctive accessories to create a small run of mechanically superior uber-hogs.

Granted, the CVO bikes are more “limited edition” than “custom,” but nonetheless, this obviates the need to pore over parts catalogs and color charts in an attempt to compose your personal moto-masterpiece. Besides, allowing for color scheme variations, there will only be about 1,000 other rugged individualists riding around on the same bike as you. (Click image to enlarge)

FLSTFSE Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy
Despite its less than flattering moniker, the Fat Boy has always been one of H-D’s best selling designs. In the Screamin’ Eagle iteration, the rear suspension has been lowered to present more of a bar-hopper aesthetic. The CVO group has also dolled up the corpulent cruiser with a plethora of chrome accoutrements, including a flying teardrop–shaped air-cleaner cover, rakish slash-down pipes, a gleaming front end, zoomy chin spoiler, and a steel pan-style seat with a decorative chrome pillion. Not to put too fine a point on it but, if it isn’t painted, it’s chromed.

The Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy can be “customized” in three two-tone color schemes: Platinum Mist and Slate, Candy Cobalt and Starlight Black, and Electric Cherry and Vivid Black. These are each accented by “metal grind” streaks of exposed steel on the tank and fenders.

Lest one assume that their $27,995 was getting them all show and no go, the Screamin’ Eagle speed merchants have replaced the Fat Boy’s standard 88B engine with a hand-built 103ci (1690cc) Stroker Twin Cam engine tuned to crank out more than 100 ft. lbs. of torque.

A Stage 1 air cleaner kit stokes the fuel injectors, and a heavy-duty starter and hydraulically-controlled clutch have been added as well. In the event your local miscreants missed the commandment about not coveting thy neighbor’s hog, a Harley-Davidson alarm system with siren comes as standard equipment on the Screamin’ Eagle Fat Boy.

VRSCSE Screamin’ Eagle V-Rod
The V-Rod’s execution was so spot-on when it debuted just three years ago that the thought of tinkering with it was anathema to most. Although H-D’s design team replaced the outdated 140 mph speedometers with new and improved 150 mph speedometers, (thereby making the bike 10 mph faster in the eyes of countless loyalists) little else has changed.

Even the various paint schemes released in subsequent years have yet to really improve upon the distinctive elegance of the initial brushed aluminum offering, suggesting the best thing Messrs.

Harley and Davidson have done for the V-Rod is to leave it alone. Until now. Remarkably, the CVO unit has managed to take a bike that was already rated a “10” and turn it into an “11.”

For $25,495 the V-Rod has received a 10 percent boost in torque and horsepower, courtesy of a 1250cc Screamin’ Eagle “big-bore” version of the standard 1130cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 60-degree Revolution V-Twin engine. New pistons throb inside CNC-ported cylinder heads for superior intake and exhaust flow, and cam timing has been performance optimized.

Aside from giving the power cruiser a new seat and a chrome bath, the most significant cosmetic alteration is the replacement of the V-Rod’s signature disc wheels with chromed forged-aluminum five-spokers. This has the added benefit of reducing the disconcerting lean angles caused by occasional crosswinds acting on the solid discs. (Click image to enlarge)

FLHTCSE2 Screamin’ Eagle Electra Glide 2
Newly minted for the well-appointed road warrior, the $29,995 Screamin’ Eagle Electra Glide ensures that Harley-Davidson’s cushiest steed will be the belle of the ball, no matter its destination.

This lion of the “blacktop jungle” arrives resplendent in three new color combinations: Sunrise Yellow Pearl and Stingray Silver, Two-Tone Candy Cherry, and Two-Tone Candy Teal. It also includes color-matched inner fairing panel, fairing lowers, fuel-tank console inserts, and a detachable chopped Tour-Pak equipped with an interior light and carry-out liner.

The list of chromed components is exhaustive in its scope and includes the Thunderstar floating brake rotors and wheels. The fuel-injected Screamin’ Eagle 103 Stroker Twin Cam engine again replaces the 88B, and is tuned to produce a 20 percent increase in torque, churning out over 100 ft. lbs at 3,500 rpm.

Should the motor’s rhythmic pulsing become less than music to ones ears, a premium sound system with integrated amplifier and high-performance speakers comes standard to sooth rider and passenger while they are comforted in generous leather seats and backrests. A security system allows you to sleep easy when traveling, and a garage door opener will make even the last few feet of your journey an exercise in convenience. (Click image to enlarge)


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